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Big events

In Cooklab we devised the sophisticated event of the German brand Jung in the framework of the 58th edition of Casa Decor, one of the largest and most prestigious events of interior design and decoration in Spain, undoubtedly a perfect environment for us! Under the premise of being a company that combines “Made in Germany” design and future-oriented building technology, we at Cooklab were in charge of an exclusive menu that their guests enjoyed. The decoration, by the hand of the interior designer Eriko Navazo, and a color line of electronic devices inspired by Le Corbusier, were the starting point for an artistic, elegant menu with winks to representative elements of the sector and Jung.

The gastronomic proposal was based on the concept used by the interior designer Navazo for the decoration, and we sought to transfer his idea to the menu. Cookware based on the inspiration of the event, lights on the trays, switches turned into cookies, were some of Cooklab’s proposals to mimic the brand. Thanks to Jung’s brand potential and Cooklab’s creativity, the event was a complete success!


Big technology companies like Google also rely on Cooklab to design their most special events. On this occasion the strong corporate presence of the company’s logo marked the decoration of the event, projecting its recognizable colors throughout the space, so that guests entered the chromatic universe of Google in an immersive way, while enjoying an artistic and experiential journey. As for the exclusive menu that Cooklab designed for the company, minimalism and the brand’s own colors set the guidelines. In this way, we managed to activate all the senses of the guests, promoting an immersive event that surely all the guests still remember. Thank you Google for counting on Cooklab!

VM Estudio

Designing an event for an architecture and design studio like VM Estudio is not easy, since their standards are very high. As always at Cooklab, we unified decoration and gastronomy to generate an immersive event under the concept “Picnic in French Provence” that enhanced an elegant, romantic and bucolic atmosphere. “But we wanted to go further,” says Verónica Castilla, creative director and founder of Cooklab, “to create a truly glamorous atmosphere we gave the event some Versaillesque touches.” If this happened in the decoration and ambience, the gastronomic proposal was in the same line, and you could taste dishes such as tarte du soleil, with a concept translated into miniature to make a nod to such a well-known French dessert, cheeses and French wines, accompanied by baskets made ad hoc with inspiration from French Provence, Vichy suits replicating the typical ones of Provence, as well as trays with moss background simulating the countryside. And so was created one of the most chic events of Cooklab!

ExposiTION saleta rosón

Preparing an event for a photographic artist to showcase her talent and work was another challenge that we received with great enthusiasm. On this occasion the photographer Saleta Rosón entrusted us with her exhibition “Nature Rules”, with a theme based on sand as a line of inspiration. With a menu and decoration marked by minimalism, black and white tones to highlight the work of the artist, as well as the “game” with elements such as sugar to simulate the sand in the plants, Cooklab recreated a desert in coherence with the line of work of the protagonist. In this way we managed to create a journey through each of the works that shared the creative and passionate look of the author to nature. Thanks to Saleta Rosón for trusting our work to put in value such a spectacular exhibition!!!

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