Exclusive gastronomic experiences

Verónica Castilla, CEO and creative director of Cooklab, Grand Diplôme Le Cordon Bleu, is a true passionate of gastronomy. Quality and creativity are the two main pillars of all our culinary proposals, thanks to which we create exclusive menus for each of our clients. The theme of the event defines and specifies the final gastronomic bet, around which orbit other disciplines such as decoration, design, music and, in general, any other element that allows to transmit to the guests a complete sensory and immersive experience.

Style and dreamy atmosphere for your events

The atmosphere created through decoration and styling, adapting them to the client, the theme and the concept, are crucial to create memorable events. This is undoubtedly a differential value, which is essential for Cooklab if we want to create experiences that leave a mark, and offer a quality and exclusive service. From urban and casual concepts to sophisticated and glamorous references, at Cooklab we work with all styles of decoration and styling to create an immersive and experiential environment.

Transform your business with our consultancy service.

Thanks to the extensive experience and training of Verónica Castilla, founder of Cooklab and creative director of the company, we offer a gastronomic advisory and consulting service for hotels, restaurants, chains and gastronomic groups. This work can be superficial or in-depth as desired and required: there are restaurants that only need to define or redefine their type of cuisine to be back in vogue, and others need constant advice to -for example- change their seasonal menus. Whatever the need and objective, the Cooklab team will work so that each gastronomic space has its own personality and differentiated values.

Cooklab Box:
an experience to surprise your senses

Can a gastronomic experience fit in a box? No doubt! In times of teleworking, liquid organizations, digital nomads… companies can have their teams dispersed, that’s why in Cooklab we have devised Cooklab Boxes: boxes fully designed and themed according to the idea you want to convey, where gastronomy is also adapted to the message, so that the people you want to entertain receive a surprise box that will surely surprise them. As always in Cooklab, there is nothing pre-designed, each Cooklab Boxes experience is designed from scratch, both the packaging and the design, the decorative elements and the gastronomy to guarantee the greatest personalization.

Secret dinners for adventurous palate

Every day it becomes more and more difficult to surprise diners, who are looking for more and more complete and unique gastronomic experiences, hence Cooklab has started its adventure to organize mysterious clandestine dinners completely themed. But what is a clandestine dinner? Clandestine dinners are gastronomic events that are secretly organized in unusual locations, where attendees usually taste a multi-course dinner prepared by a professional chef or cook, in an exclusive environment and with a specific theme. These events are usually announced through social media, emails or private messages, and the organizers usually keep the location and other details of the event secret until the last minute. They are often exclusive and sophisticated experiences, attracting an audience willing to pay a premium price to enjoy a unique and original dinner in a clandestine and exciting environment.

Corporate actions

Thanks to our broad and extensive relationship with large companies from different sectors, all of them immersed in deep transformation processes in their organizations, we have assumed that experiential and immersive gastronomy can be used as a great corporate resource. Whether to innovate internal communication processes, to carry out team buildings with the company’s teams to strengthen ties and improve their processes, or even to undertake motivational actions. In this area, one of the biggest requests we receive are the Cooklab Boxes, boxes themed in their entirety (from design to gastronomy) that each member of the company receives at home or at work. Also, the Cooklab Gastro Team Buildings, totally creative and participative, do you want to improve the atmosphere and culture of your company? Write us and we will make a plan tailored to your needs and objectives.

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