Immersive experiences through gastronomy

Although cooking is our passion and the soul of Cooklab, our proposals and concepts go far beyond pure gastronomy, transforming the traditional and conventional idea of catering into something completely different. Cooklab’s “creative laboratory” is the origin of our business model, where there is nothing pre-designed or pre-established: each new project has as its starting point a blank sheet of paper, where we design immersive experiences completely themed and customized, combining gastronomy with decoration, music, art and other creative disciplines.




Some of our most talked-about (and tasty) projects

With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, at Cooklab we have worked with some of the biggest national and international companies in different sectors, such as fashion and beauty brands, film and music producers, hotel and gastronomy companies, architecture and real estate studios, for whom we have created immersive events with gastronomy as the axis of rotation of other disciplines such as art, design, decoration, music… we invite you to know our projects to get inspired and take ideas for yours. But remember, in Cooklab we do not copy anything that has already been done: each of our proposals is different from all the others we have done.

Transforming events into a sensory journey

At Cooklab we do not only work for large companies, although they have been the ones that have given us fame and renown: we also face projects for medium and small companies, or even for individuals, who wish to stand out in their events through creativity and the senses. Here are some of the services we currently offer, but we invite you to propose any challenge, even if it is not on our website, because at Cooklab every event, every proposal, starts with a blank sheet of paper.

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in the media

It’s easy to speak well of yourself. At Cooklab we prefer the specialized media to do it too, so that you can see that what we tell you is real and that we are always in constant movement. In this section you will find updated news about us, our projects and inspiration.

The blog of immersive gastronomic experiences

What is an immersive dining experience? We have been developing, expanding and applying a concept that involves a multitude of factors and elements for 15 years, and we still have a lot of work to do! In our blog we will give your ideas, hints, tips and tricks that will help you transform your events into unforgettable sensory moments.

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