A laboratory of new idea
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At Cooklab, a leading company in the sector of high value-added gastronomic services, we have revolutionized the concept of traditional events and conventional catering. With more than 15 years of experience, at Cooklab we define ourselves as a creative laboratory where gastronomy is the axis of return to which many other creative concepts orbit: decoration, colors, creativity, music, art… In short, we create immersive events that are a feast for the senses. Verónica Castilla, founder of Cooklab and our creative director, is the one who leads the different professionals that converge in each project so that everything goes perfectly.

In the Cooklab Kitchen
In the kitchen of creativity

Looking for a pre-designed menu? Sorry, you won’t find it here! At Cooklab all our culinary proposals start from a blank sheet of paper, with nothing predefined or even precooked. This way, we guarantee that each gastronomic idea fits the theme and concept of the event. Our creative director and founder, Verónica Castilla, Grand Diplôme Le Cordon Bleu, is the one who transforms into recipes the concept that each client wishes to transmit to their guests.

Designing immersive experiences
When every guest is part of the experience

At Cooklab we never consider guests at an event as mere spectators, we prefer to think of them as the protagonists who actively participate through their senses and emotions in an experience that combines gastronomy, decoration, design and, in general any creative discipline necessary to convey the desired message. This is how we transform traditional events into unforgettable immersive experiences.

Beyond gastronomy: our values
The highest quality standards

In order to guarantee our high-quality standards, we must adhere to strict added values. This is how at Cooklab we are distinguished by excellence in service and in each of the ingredients that make up our proposals so that you can breathe and feel the creativity, attention to detail, active listening to our customers to understand what they really need, customization and professionalism as a guide to our passion for gastronomy.

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